Friday, May 15, 2009

The last day of Gifted

Today was 4th grade's last day of GIFTED :-( to finish our year with Mrs. Zawis we did many fun activitys but here are a few. We finished our "Jazz Musicians" project by doing posters and doing VoiceThreads for the posters. We also did an activity called "Silly sentances" where two people were given a random sentence and a situation that they had to follow and say there sentence at one point. We also did trebuchets
( An object like a catapult that uses a weight to fling an object in a sack.) where we launched a bon-bon, a pencil eraser, and a tootsie rool to see which object would go the furthest. The two objects that went the furthest the most were the tootsie roll and the eraser.
And lastly we did skits where a group of students were given scripts for numerous skits involving: Sawdust with chocolate on it, 7 up, and the president of the united states jumping out of an airplane. This concludes the final Gifted blog post.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Today in gifted

Today in gifted, we started with Anagrams. To those people who dont know what an anagram is it is a word whose letters can be rearrabged to make a new word. For example, the letters of thorn can be rearranged to make north. Then we did something called the glogster.
We made virtual posters! Cool! Last but not least we learned about Jazz Musicians. As you can see we been really busy today in gifted.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Today in gifted

Today in gifted we did something called spectacular structures and we had to find the great structures from around the world. We also learned about post and lintel. With post and lintel we had to make a stucture of it by using two books and a piece of paper. We put cubes on top of the paper but not on the book and tried to put as many cubes as we could without the paper falling through. Then we made ABC books ( like P is for Passport our book of the month) with what we had learned from architecture.

From Sydney and Min The part standing up is the post and the other that is on top is
the Lintel.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ending In Israel 1

yYou choose to try to get to Israel alone. You end up in Paris because you didn’t go the right path. Next thing you know, you end up in Tokyo so you decide to walk in a straight line. You end up in Jordan. Just a few more steps. Finally, you are in Israel. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


Ending in England

You are happy to stay with Chris, so you decide to start searching for an airport. Hey, there’s one! Oh, yeah, you have no money. So you decide to walk to Israel. You take two steps and then fall asleep. When you awaken, Chris is gone, and a hippie is using your foot as a plate to eat his Frosted Mini Wheats. As you scream, “SCRAM! SCRAM! GET OUTTA HERE!” He drops 7,000 pounds (That’s English money) while running away. You first drop by a diner called “The Breakfastham Palace” and order a few croissants. With the remaining money, about 6,985, you purchase a ticket to Israel. While boarding the huge plane, you see Jeremy sitting on a bench… With 62 seconds ‘till the plane lifts off, you sprint to a nearby information desk! You thrust the money at the lady standing behind the counter and she gives you a ticket! Going full speed, you grab Jeremy by his arm, hand him the ticket and push him into the plane! He shows to the man on the plane and you do the same. Man, that was close! Wait, you left your carry-on’s on the bench! You leap over the seat in front of you and sprint towards your belongings, 20 seconds ‘till lift off! You grab items and leap for the plane’s door 5… Almost there! 4… Doors closing! 3… Engine starting! 2... You leap for the door! Hoorah! You’re in! To Israel! WHAT!?!? The plane’s outta gas… Well, good luck getting to Israel! You’re stuck in England!


Friday, February 6, 2009

vacation in Fritaly part 6

You decide to take the car. You step in with everyone else you drive for miles and miles.
In nearly fourteen hours you were back in the U.S of A.


vacation in Fritaly part 5

You decide to go to “Bob’s bad flying machines”. You go in the walls are so clean you can see your face in them. There is a thin man wearing a fancy white suit. He greets you with “Hello my name is, Bob! Don’t let the name deceive you we actually have quite a great service! If we don’t fix your plane we’ll give you a free car!”. Sydney and Greg use their own money to pay. You show Bob where the plane and goes out and in twelve minutes the plane is fixed. You walk out side to look at the plane. The second you start to climb up the tower the engine to the plane explodes! “Well, I guess you get that free car.” Bob says. At that moment a car that looked like a Model T pulled out of the driveway it’s tailpipes were spitting fumes.

If you decide to get the car click here

If you decide to go to “Joe’s junky planes click here